Saudi Arabia’s mega beauty event is back!

Save the date: 21 – 23 April, 2025 

Conference Speakers

Alyssa Almaiahi

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Alyssa Almaiahi

CEO and Founder, Mint Stalk

Through wholesale, distribution and e-commerce, Alyssa has scaled Purely Scent Home Fragrances, the no1 mass market home fragrance brand in the Middle East. 

Proudly made in the GCC, Purely Scent offers a range of organic scented candles, reed oil diffusers and air fresheners, at affordable prices. 

Passionate about making high quality home fragrances accessible to every-one, Purely Scent supplies all the major beauty retailers, spa's, salons and department stores across the MENA region.

Made only from Soy Wax and Essential Oils, the brand has quickly become popular amongst other emerging markets, soon expanding to South America, Africa and South East Asia.

Purely Scent supply The Kingdom locally, and are always looking for new Distributors and Retailers to partner with.

Anisha Oberoi

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Anisha Oberoi

CEO and Founder, Secret Skin

“Our secret skin is the deepest, purest part of us, and also the strongest. Yet we hide its truth from the world, afraid of being judged, deeply conscious of our vulnerabilities. My mission is to evoke self-love and strength of purpose beyond socially-conditioned restrictions and biases of color/ gender, and channel this energy to promote a revolution of Mindfulness.”

Anisha Oberoi started her global corporate career in Hospitality and Luxury Retail, prior to joining the Ecommerce industry in 2014 as part of the founding team that launched Amazon Fashion in India and Australia. She moved to the UAE in 2019 to launch the online vertical of Bloomingdales Middle East with Al Tayer Insignia.

Secret Skin was born in 2020 during Covid with a unique framework committed to ‘People, Planet and Purpose’ as a tech-enabled platform that uses technology, innovation, and social advocacy to connect Middle East consumers to global Sustainable Beauty and Wellness brands. Today it is the region’s fastest growing Beauty company in the premium Clean Beauty segment, working with key legacy retail and spa partners in GCC.

“Secret Skin’s story is my story. As a young woman I was unable to find any toxin-free beauty or safe personal care products during my breast cancer treatment, that wouldn’t disrupt my hormones or impact my fertility. This frustration became my inspiration to create a brand that women like me could trust; one that would reinforce the importance of women’s health and wellness.”

“With our solution customers can buy safe and affordable beauty alternatives on Secret Skin and give back to the community. Our sustainable brands maintain high standards of product integrity, use ethically sourced ingredients through fair trade, are cruelty-free and gender-neutral with sustainability practices across the flywheel of sourcing, production, packaging, and shipping. Through our Eco-Rewards program we enable customers to recycle their plastic and be incentivized for pro-environment behavior.”

Anisha holds an MBA from INSEAD (ranked top 3 in the world by FT). Having battled Breast Cancer in 2010 at an early age, Anisha works passionately with hospitals to raise awareness of early detection amongst the youth. She mentors young women leaders and MBA aspirants in their career progression path and has been featured in many global publications.

Secret Skin has received wide media coverage locally and internationally across print, digital, radio, TV and podcasts since its launch in October 2020, including CNN’s ‘Follow That Startup‘ segment.

In 2023, it became a Techstars portfolio company, under the Riyadh Techstars Accelerator program sponsored by MCIT, KSA.

65% of Secret Skin’s investors are women.

Armaan Mehta

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Armaan Mehta

Co-founder, Odore

Armaan, raised in the bustling city of Dubai, brings a global perspective and entrepreneurial flair to his role as co-founder of Odore. His partnership with Karan, forged during their time at the London School of Economics, led to the inception of Odore—a platform now entrusted by industry giants such as L’Oreal Group, LVMH, and Shiseido.

Their shared vision was not just about creating a successful platform but addressing a pressing need within the beauty industry. They recognised the industry's struggle to leverage e-commerce effectively and the critical role of customer acquisition in this industry.

At Odore, the team is focused on enabling brands to cultivate their audiences through tailored, data-driven experiences, establishing direct connections with consumers.

Asiya Ali

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Asiya Ali

Founder and Managing Director, MKV Digital 

Meet Asiya Ali MD, the visionary behind Meraki Ventures (MKV), revolutionizing marketing for six years. A girl boss at heart, a woman with passion in what she does, she infuses life and personality into digital strategies with her full service digital & marketing agency.

Asiya stepped into the digital arena armed with a vision - to identify the gaps in marketing and skillfully fill them with her expertise. she's all about making it big in the real world, and her journey is a testament to that.

What sets Asiya apart is her unwavering belief in long-term collaborations. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about building relationships with her clients that withstand the test of time.

But how did this digital dynamo end up here? Asiya always knew she wanted to do something of her own. Entrepreneurship was calling her name, loudly.

She's the force that nudges brands to connect with content creators, forging relationships that go beyond the superficial. For her, it's not just business; it's a journey of creating a meaningful impact.

So, if you're looking for a digital maven who knows her stuff and brings a touch of personality to the game, Asiya Ali & MKV is your go-to. In her world, marketing isn't just a strategy; it's a vibrant dance between creativity and strategy, and she's leading the way.

Brooke Berge

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Brooke Berge

Division Manager - Beauty Distribution, Ali Bin Ali Holding 

Brooke is currently heading up the Beauty Distribution Division at Ali Bin Ali Holding across the Middle Eastern region. Brooke has more than 20 years’ experience in the Beauty and Wellness Industries, with a strong understanding of the Middle East and Asian Beauty landscape and trade channels. Brooke has held various roles across Distribution, Commercial Operations, Business and Spa Development and Retail and Spa Education throughout Australasia, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. Brooke’s passion and key areas of expertise lie in the Distribution and Education of the Luxury Spa and Salon segment for Clean Beauty and Wellbeing brands that are of a Niche, Indie and Cult calibre.

Chaimae Alaidi

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Chaimae Alaidi

Senior Associate -  Brand Marketing, Chalhoub Group 

Chaimae Alaidi is a Senior Marketing Executive at Chalhoub Group, the leading partner for luxury and lifestyle brands in the Middle East. With six years of experience in the retail industry, Chaimae specializes in leading and executing strategic marketing plans and campaigns for Faces, the premier beauty retailer under Chalhoub Group, with over 200 stores across 10 countries. She works closely with a cross-functional team of designers, merchandisers, and sales associates to ensure brand consistency and customer satisfaction across all touchpoints. Chaimae holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Arab Open University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Management at Midocean University. She is also a One Young World Ambassador and a Chalhoub Group Impact Ambassador, committed to creating positive social and environmental change through her work and actions. Chaimae is especially skilled in TikTok Marketing and Experiential Marketing, using innovative strategies to create engaging experiences for customers and stakeholders.

Daphne Lamberts

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Daphne Lamberts

Founder, ALAM Health & Beauty

Daphne Lamberts has always found the search for clean and safe beauty and skincare products difficult, which is why she founded her own effective and sustainable Clean Beauty Brand ALAM Health & Beauty in 2021. Daphne is passionate about using high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients to help people feel great inside and out. The Dutch and Dubai-based brand has fans like supermodel Candice Swanepoel, is available in the Middle East and Europe at Ounass, Douglas and Niche-Beauty and encourages people to take care of themselves and the planet in a natural and sustainable way. ALAM takes a holistic approach to health and beauty, balancing, nourishing, and strengthening physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being through natural means. The brand name ALAM is the Malaysian word for 'nature' and stands for the founder's last name - Lamberts.

Dina Sidani

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Dina Sidani

Founder, Ilik Health

Dina Sidani is a dynamic leader with a diverse background in innovation,entrepreneurship, luxury retail, and corporate finance. A Harvard MBA graduate,Dina's career has been marked by her pioneering spirit and a relentless drive forexcellence.

Her journey began at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Infrastructure Advisory, setting thefoundation for her financial expertise. Post-MBA, Dina joined Chalhoub Group, aleading player in luxury retail leading finance for several different verticals. After abrief stint as the acting Chief Financial Officer at Noon, Dina returned to Chalhoubto build their innovation arm, further solidifying her reputation as a transformationalleader. In this role, she built and launched 'The Greenhouse,' an innovative spacenurturing creativity and fostering disruptive ideas. She also spearheaded the creationof a beauty and fashion incubator and one of the region's first retail techaccelerators, along with a corporate venture studio. These initiatives placedChalhoub Group at the forefront of retail innovation.

Driven by her desire to enhance the consumer experience of healthcare and bringefficacy into the world of beauty, she left her established career in luxury retail andembarked on a journey in the digital health sector. As the founder and CEO of ilikHealth, Dina is committed to bringing the same quality of consumer experience fromthe luxury goods industry to dermatology and wellness. She is on a mission toredefine digital health by integrating efficacy into beauty, creating a morepersonalized and effective approach to skincare and wellness.

Dominique Moellhausen

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Dominique Moellhausen

Perfumer and R&D Director, Moellhausen

“Perfumery is the most abstract form of art, where the artist who creates a fragrance, does so by using the palette which enshrines own feelings and images.”

Raised in an open and multicultural international environment, Dominique Moellhausen experienced the fascinating variety of fragrances and she developed a unique sensitivity for all the ethnicities and cultures of the world.

She was born in Milan on March 9th of 1992, to a Paraguayan mother of Dutch origin and an Italian father of German origin.

Ever since she was a child, Dominique has travelled the world with her father Anthony, the President of the family company, and she has studied and spoken four languages: Italian and Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.

After specializing in modern languages at high school, she lived in London and Paris to study International Affairs and Business. Once she graduated, Dominique decided to consolidate her perfumery vocation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the prestigious international perfumery school.

Altogether, Dominique followed a consistent study path for a young woman with inherent artistic talents and grown up in the Moellhausen family, which operates in the flavor and fragrance industry since 1967.

Today, she is Perfumer and R&D Director at Moellhausen. Young, Italian, winning: Dominique Moellhausen has been awarded as Perfumer of the year at Beautyworld Middle East Awards both in 2020 and in 2023.

It is her belief that perfume is a global communication code, capable of speaking different languages depending on the nose smelling it, of triggering emotions which change depending on personal experiences.

A sensibility that Dominique developed thanks also to her “free spirit” years between Paris and London, to her travels and her lively curiosity. She carries out these explorations by daily immersing herself in novelty and diversity, driven by the desire to better and better know tastes, fashions, habits and culinary preferences of the various cultures and ethnicities.

To Dominique Moellhausen everything can be a source of inspiration: a person, a dish, a landscape, a single ingredient, and even so an adjective, a book, a story.

Eiman Kabli

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Eiman Kabli

General Manager, Chalhoub Group

Eman Kabli is General Manager - Faces at Chalhoub Group, the partner and creator of luxury experiences in the Middle East. Over than 20 years of experience in distribution and retail – Beauty.

She is responsible for all operations of Faces in Saudi Arabia, including Faces Private Label, driving the business in order to maximize growth while increasing profitability and reducing costs/expenses, building and implementing organizational structures and teams, monitoring team performances and working on people development. Eman heads the development of partnerships through strong collaborations and engagement with both government and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.

She holds more than 20 years of experience which includes Distribution and Retail, Marketing, Business Development, and People Management, working in senior leadership positions in the Group with regional and local responsibilities in the Middle East.

Eman has started her career in the Group when joining the Market division at CHANEL for 12 years, then moving to Beauty Division for 4 years handling 9 brands like L’Occitane, make up for ever, Penhaligon’s, NARS, La Mer, Kilian, and others, before moving to Faces in 2020.

 Eman is graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and more certificates in Business from UK. She is very curious and loves traveling and discovering new cultures.

She has been actively instrumental in the establishment of new businesses and strategies in the retail industry in the region and has been deeply involved in bringing new concepts and brands, while supporting local brands in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Fatih Senturk

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Fatih Senturk

CEO, GSS Commerce

Fatih is the founder and CEO of GSS Commerce Group, a leader in Turkey's beauty and fashion accessories sector. He started his career at Japan CBM, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial journey. In 2013, he established GSS Commerce, steering it to prominence, especially with Aqua di Polo's success under the "snackable fashion" concept. This innovative approach led to record-breaking sales, notably 1M orders during a Black Friday week in Turkey and the MENA region or being the top selling perfume and fashion accesories brand in Turkey according to NielsenIQ.  

Fatmah Abdullah S. Al Maddah

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Fatmah Abdullah S. Al Maddah

Legal advisor & CEO, Labothécaire Co.

"As the founder of Labothécaire skincare, my journey in the beauty industry has been driven by a passion for clean, innovative skincare solutions. Rooted in Saudi Arabia, Labothécaire is not merely a brand; it is a reflection of my commitment to reshaping beauty standards and empowering individuals. Our mission goes beyond skincare products; we aspire to create a holistic beauty experience. We are not just navigating beauty trends; we are pioneering a movement where individuality is celebrated, and customers are empowered with knowledge through our "Glowfecta Plan.”

In addition to my entrepreneurial role, I am a legal advisor in the investment management sector. This dual expertise has played a pivotal role in shaping Labothécaire, where legal acumen meets beauty innovation. Certified as both a skincare consultant and aromatherapist, my diverse skill set bridges the realms of law and beauty seamlessly. 

Labothécaire is now venturing into the world of beauty tech, with a ground-breaking app leveraging AI to revolutionize skincare globally. Our aim is to provide a seamless and personalized beauty journey for every individual."

Hayat Belhadji

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Hayat Belhadji

Global Certification Program Manager Cosmetics & Drugs, Intertek

Over 20 years of experience in Regulatory Affairs for Cosmetic Industry within l’Oréal Group in France. Ensuring the compliance assessment for cosmetic finished products prior & post market access. Managing Regulatory process & strategy trainings to the 53 Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Network of l’Oreal Group. Ensuring support for access to market to B2B, D2R and E-commerce, mainly in Europe, Middle East & Africa countries. In contact with R&D Labs, Plants, Marketing, Business and Operations in worldwide scope; over 120 l’Oreal Subsidiaries.

Jurgita Jasiunaite

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Jurgita Jasiunaite

CEO, DermaWellness

Jurgita, a global Beauty Ambassador, Researcher, Innovator, and Educator, is an entrepreneurial force behind four esteemed beauty brands. Renowned for her transformative cosmetic treatments, she creates scientifically proven techniques and products. With a commitment to reshaping aesthetics education globally, Jurgita introduces bespoke metrics to redefine industry standards. Her mission is clear: revolutionize beauty education and deliver exceptional results with integrity.

Katie Godfrey

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Katie Godfrey

Director, KG

Katie Godfrey is an entrepreneur with multiple successful companies. Including a beauty salon, training academy, product range & coaching business. 

With over 15 years of hands-on experience, Katie is more than just a business enthusiast; she's a qualified business strategist, NLP practitioner, and life coach, having learned from some of the best coaches globally.

Specialising in the beauty industry, Katie's accolades include over 18 awards, regular columns in industry magazines, and features in over 100 publications, including OK Magazine and national newspapers. She's also a two-time author, with one of her books reaching the number 1 best seller.

Dive into Katie's world through her podcast, "The Life Of KG," available on all major podcast platforms. 

Kelly Kovack

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Kelly Kovack

Founder, BeautyMatter

Kelly Kovack is the quietly loud renegade of the beauty industry with 25 years of experience and an ability for intuiting emerging trends. Leaning right but fueled by left-brain thinking, her career is the culmination of identifying white space, developing category defining strategies and building brands from conceptual startups to tactical cleanups. Kelly is someone who makes things happen. 

She started her career in beauty as a member of the original executive team of Bliss and the Managing Director of the seminal Bliss catalog and product division, Kelly took on the way women bought beauty. This venture fundamentally changed the way cosmetics and personal care were merchandised, developed and presented to consumers creating waves of change in the industry landscape that are still felt today and led to the successful acquisition of Bliss by luxury conglomerate, LVMH.

Joining MD Skincare (Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare) in its nascent stage she was responsible for the foundational branding and marketing strategies that positioned the brand as one of the premier cosmeceutical brands in both the retail and professional arenas. In addition, she launched Dr. Gross’ book Your Future Face, which helped establish him as a leader in the field of dermatology. Her relationship with the brand has come full circle, with Kelly currently serving on the business's Board of Directors. 

As an advisor and strategist, she has consulted dozens of organizations of all sizes, from emerging startups to iconic institutions, including multi-billion dollar brands like Old Navy, Banana Republic, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, and Mattel to notable independents like Carols Daughter, Zirh SoCozy, Loli Beauty, One Love Organics, Jimmyjane and many others. She advises Venture Capital and Private Equity on beauty transactions, executional and operational strategies.

Always entrepreneurial, Kelly has also created and built her own brands. The most recent among these ventures is the award-winning fragrance brand, Odin, co-founded in collaboration with the New York fashion brand. Kovack’s projects have been featured prominently in the media, and her work as a creative director and brand architect has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Pantone Color Award and Pentaward for packaging design, a FiFi and numerous Allure Best of Beauty awards. 

Kelly launched BeautyMatter in the Fall of 2016 with the firm belief that in a fast-moving world, information is knowledge, but context matters. And more importantly, innovation comes from the cross-pollination of industries and expertise. She set out to use her experience building brands and scaling businesses to offer a new perspective and holistic approach to B2B content that filled a void in the beauty industry. 

Kovack serves on the Board of the Independent Beauty Association and is a go-to resource on the beauty industry, emerging trends, branding and Kelly frequently shares expertise and insights with major media publications, institutions and as a speaker at conferences globally.

Manal Al-Abyadh

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Manal Al-Abyadh

National Key Account Manager, Coty

Manal Alabyad has amassed over 13 years of experience in the retail industry, with a focus on product management and customer engagement. Over the past 9 years, she has served as a senior category manager, specializing in the introduction of beauty products such as makeup, accessories, and perfumes to discerning customers. In 2022, Manal transitioned to Coty, where she took on the role of business development manager. She has since excelled in this position, focusing primarily on Coty's makeup brands. Today, Manal holds the esteemed position of National Key Account Manager, leveraging her expertise to drive organizational growth and success.

Milla Kirk

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Milla Kirk

Founder, Mine Beauty

Milla Kirk is the founder and creative force behind an award winning Dubai based skincare brand - MINE. Milla has based her brand around believing that you can reverse signs of aging and that it has been scientifically proven. Milla is currently pursuing a degree in biomedical science. She pursued a diploma in facial skincare to enhance her knowledge and ensure that her products were not just effective but also backed by a robust understanding of skincare science.

With over a decade of experience in the finance industry, Milla developed a strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship. However, driven by her desire to explore her creative side and make a difference in people's lives, she ventured into the world of skincare.

The focus of her studies lies in the field of anti-aging, where she seeks to understand the scientific mechanisms behind aging processes and develop innovative solutions to promote youthful and radiant skin. Milla's multifaceted background in finance, skincare, and now biomedical science gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to blend her business acumen, skincare expertise, and scientific knowledge into creating products that not only provide aesthetic enhancements but also nourish and revitalize the skin at a deeper level.

Mohamed Hassan

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Mohamed Hassan

CEO, Glamera Company

Mohammed is an experienced executive with 14 years of expertise in operations and financial management. He co-founded two companies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Recently, he established Glamera Technologies, a specialized beauty and wellness company. It enables thousands of Customers across 7 countries to efficiently manage and operate their businesses.

Mohammed Mofleh

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Mohammed Mofleh

Business Development Director, Millia Cosmetics Trading

Business Management and Retail expert with 15 years of experience in UAE with focus on Sales, R& D, development & implementation professional operating procedures, P& L and manage showrooms and companies to drive business results, sales, ROI and customer satisfaction. Under Mohammed's leadership, he have driven teams (400 +) to improve market share, increase profitability, budget optimization and reveal more than 32 showrooms.

Mona Sulaiman

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Mona Sulaiman

Social Media Influencer - Entrepreneur - Founder of Blink Beauty - Board Member of ladies in Business Magazine UAE Chapter - Top 50 Arab Women Influencer in Middle East (Arab Women Summit)

"An influencer, an entrepreneur, mother of two, and Ambassador of Hope, donning multiple hats gives me a sense of true achievement. It all began when I went around speaking to my followers in Ras Al Khaimah, without revealing my face. Back then people only knew me by

my voice.

Starting in 2016, little did I know that I would scale heights of success growing from a mere 99 followers to a whopping 700K+ followers today. Given my interest and passion, I was determined to prove my mettle in an industry then dominated by only male influencers.

It was important for me to connect better with my audience and build trust which was the reason behind my decision to reveal my face. I started off with simple, step-by-step blogs on beauty and travel that showed my followers how to use a makeup kit and ace a look or plan a particular trip.

I enjoy being a part of every woman’s everyday life and stick to the mantra of ‘less is more’. The content I share is simple yet relatable and in resonance with all women out there. As a lifestyle influencer in RAK, it is of paramount importance for me to authentically showcase all that I believe and do. A true influencer, I believe focuses on not just one aspect but shines bright in all roles she plays as a woman. Therein lies her true nature and that’s how she embodies the spirit of true strength and empowerment.

Apart from being an influencer, I am involved with the Red Crescent global humanitarian network that helps those facing disaster, conflict, health and social problems. As an Ambassador of the Emirates Football Club, my efforts are directed towards mothers to encourage them to be part of the club, share their challenges, scout for solutions, create awareness about social issues such as breast cancer, navigating career and motherhood, etc.

Being a President with the Ladies in Business Magazine, UAE, provides me a platform to encourage more Emirati women to connect with women in developing countries to inspire and give them the push and required support to help them move out of their comfort zones."

Muzon Ashgar

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Muzon Ashgar

Founder & Manager, MZN Bodycare

Muzon Ashgar is a distinguished entrepreneur and consultant in the health and beauty sector, with significant contributions to the manufacturing and cosmetics industries. Beginning her journey as a lecturer in 2005, her academic experience at the Design College in King Faisal University laid the groundwork for her future success. In 2015, she founded MZN Body Care, a leading manufacturer of natural body care products in Saudi Arabia that has also developed products for luxury brands in the hospitality sector. As a trusted consultant, Muzon has guided clients across various industries, offering expertise in production optimization, digital marketing, and operational management. She has held prestigious memberships with the Industrial Council and Ministry of Industry, among others, reflecting her dedication to industry development. In 2022, her significant contributions were recognized when she was named 'Woman of The Year' in the startups category at the KSA Women Excellence awards by Arabian Business. Muzon Ashgar's blend of academic and practical experience, paired with her innovative approach to business, positions her as a respected industry leader and advisor.

Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

Founder & CEO, TishTash Communications

Natasha (or Tash as she likes to be known) has over 20 years experience in the marketing, media and PR world. Born and educated in the UK, Tash holds a PhD in psychology and marketing and has a genuine passion for people and understanding what makes them tick.

With a varied career across account management, media planning and buying, public relations and marketing, Tash’s experience spans clients in many sectors, beauty, fashion, FMCG, travel, financial, retail, automotive and property. Her CV includes leading global agencies McCann Erickson Worldwide, Euro RSCG and Havas Global, and global corporations L'Oreal and Diageo.

Tash moved to the region in 2010 and having spent time working for Abu Dhabi Media, heading up marketing for a number of their brands, she took a leap of faith, setting up boutique beauty and wellness communications agency TishTash in 2012 and hasn't looked back since!  

In 12 years TishTash has become one of the most sought after and respected independent agencies in the Middle East, using their know how and passion for the latest trends to create campaigns that get brands noticed, which saw them win a number of awards including PRCA Middle East Best Agency in 2021,  highly commended  Best Agency in 2022 and PRCA Best Digital Agency in 2023. Tash has also scooped a number of prestigious awards herself including Gulf Capital Business Leader 2021 and PRCA PR Leader 2022. The agency purposefully remains boutique in size, working selectively with the best and the brightest emerging and established brands in the industry. Current agency clients include ASICS, The Body Shop, LUSH, Elizabeth Arden, Eucerin, Bath & Body Works, Kibsons, Mamas and Papas, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and FACES Middle East to name just a few. 2022 saw TishTash open offices in KSA and the UK.

In her spare time (which isn’t much!) Tash is working on her first novel about the media world of the Middle East and she enjoys Pilates, reading and sleep. 

Pauline Barthale

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Pauline Barthale

Perfumer, Parfex

Pauline grew in the South of France surrounded by lavender fields. Her first intelligible word was “fleur” (flower in French) according to her parents. Adolescent, she already was amazed to obtain a citrus smell on her hands after first crushing rose petals then parsley leaves. She started with a Chemical License diploma and obtained her Master degree of Perfumery at ISIPCA School in Versailles in 2008. After Mane’s training program, she pursued her career abroad in Asia for more than 10 years. Her creations reveal her gourmet taste, her generous empathy and adventurous temper. She is dedicated to create fragrances for middle east market since she joined Parfex in 2022.

Rania Ali

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Rania Ali

International TV Presenter & Event MC

Rania is the leading female bilingual international presenter & live events MC in the UAE. She is an award winning presenter, (Best Female MC in Dubai from the Star performer awards for 2018 cycle. In addition awarded and recognised by the UAE Ministry of Economy.

Rania is a TV presenter on Al Aan TV hosting a weekly program “Good News”, a speaker for the UAE ministry of economy and presents continuously in the presence of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and many other presidents and ministers.

She is the most thought after Public Speaker in the Middle East Region. Rania is a certified TV Presenter from London Academy Media Film TV in London. She holds an MBA from University of Wollongong Australia with honors top of her class. Born & raised in the UAE, Rania is an ex corporate individual & entrepreneur with extensive years of experience in different business fields from economics, finance to banking which made her the first choice for presenting and moderating corporate events.

She is a communication educator & founder of Professional Speaking Academy an expert in influencing public speaking she is a communications consultant, coaching companies CEOs on media training, presentation skills & public speaking. She's trained numerous top CEO’s, business high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

Rania is a social media influencer with 1.7 million engaged followers across her social media platforms and winner of the “Most Influential Women’s Award” at the prestigious Women’s Global Conference.

Reina Yahya

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Reina Yahya

Frangrance Development Manager, Jean Niel SAS

I am a Fragrance & Marketing Development Manager working with one of the oldest fragrance companies in the world: Jean Niel SAS.

As an FDM I am living the dream, located in Grasse, South of France, which is famously recognized as the capital of perfumery in the world.

My passion for niche perfumery and Fine Fragrances Market is fuelled by the Middle East's love for fragrances. Nothing beats the excitement of exploring their unique interpretations of perfumes and the endless horizons of their creativity. It's what keeps me motivated and inspired every day.

Ronny Froehlich

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Ronny Froehlich

Co-Founder, Golden Scent

As a founder of the company, I have directed, set up or been involved in practically all departments of the company, its operations, its growth from zero to multi-million USD market leader in its category, from conceptualising visions to their realizations. I’m also very involved in the creation and growth of brands, where we work with world class fragrance houses and supply chain partners across Europe, Middle East and Asia as well as make use of state of the art data infrastructure in search of the latest consumer trends in order to create world class consumer products.

Golden Scent pioneered fragrance & beauty e-commerce in the MENA region when it launched in 2014. Today, has the largest fragrance library worldwide covering more than 20,000 products from perfumes to home fragrances, aromatherapy, beauty products and much more. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with hubs across the region, Golden Scent delivers to across the GCC region and to over 80 countries worldwide.

Safeer Moidu

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Safeer Moidu

CEO, Fragrance World LLC

Mr. Safeer Moidu is the current Joint CEO  and Head of Product for Fragrance World LLC. He looks after business development with a focus on innovation and new projects. Inspired by his role model, his father, Mr. Poland Moosa Haji, his sole ambition for Fragrance World is to transform it into the biggest destination for everything fragrance, for everyone across the world.

In his leisure time, Safeer loves to travel around the world. He constantly finds inspiration in different influences and ideas beyond the industry. He believes the success one is looking for, is in the work one is avoiding. If you face challenges head-on, then success is simply a by-product of putting in the work. With this motto, he works relentlessly to carry forward the organization’s legacy.

A perfume connoisseur and enthusiast by accident, Safeer's personal passions and likes often reflect in his inspiration for developing niche fragrances. It is in fact, the scope of traveling associated with this field of work, that encouraged him to join the family business. Along the journey, he discovered his passion in the art of developing new fragrances. Exotic ingredients, complexity of Nature and traveling the world keeps him inspired and help him bring refreshing ideas on the table that get translated into not only out of the box fragrances but also interesting designs for niche bottles and packaging.

Safeer believes that the beauty of a fragrance lies in its complexity and loves to create complex fragrances whose profile changes as the time progresses. Inspired by Massai mara, Kenya, Safeer created a fragrance that is dewy in top, animalic in the mid and earthy at the base (Just like a day at Massai Mara). Safeer also loves to work with Exotic and raw ingredients that are less frequently used such as Yuzu, Orchid Flower etc. Safeer's inclination towards very raw ingredients at their purest form, helped him create a series of Fragrances - salt - aquatic fresh fragrance, cacao - pure chocolate fragrance and yuzu - a strong citrus fragrance. 

Samira Boumediene

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Samira Boumediene

Global Marketing and Communication Director, Cosmo International Fragrances

Samira Boumédiène is a multifaceted professional with 23 years in the perfumery industry, specializing in strategic marketing and business solutions. Her career spans roles at Givaudan in France, Symrise in U.A.E., and Eurofragance in Spain, where she different positions in Fragrance development, Marketing, Consumer Insights, and Business strategies. In 2022, she joined Cosmo International Fragrances, overseeing global and local strategy across Fine Fragrances and Consumer Goods. With an International Master's in Luxury Business, her expertise combines practical experience with a solid academic foundation studying in Paris, Singapore, Milan, Mumbai, and Dubai.

Stevi Lowmass

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Stevi Lowmass

Founder and CEO, The Camel Soap Factory

Stevi Lowmass is founder and owner of The Camel Soap Factory, a UAE-based company inspired by Middle Eastern heritage, with a mission to craft natural products kind to the skin and the planet. What began as a kitchen project selling the soaps into markets and fairs in the region, has since grown into The Camel Soap Factory, a brand and manufacturer with industrial premises in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis and the largest manufacturer of camel milk skincare in the world.

She originally identified a gap in the UAE market for beautiful, local and sustainably crafted gifts for the many tourists that visit the region each year. She wanted to create a space where visitors could actually see and learn about the process of sustainable manufacture. She also wanted to create something to give back to the country that had been her home for so many years. After studying soap making in London, Stevi returned to Dubai enthused and in 2011 she began manufacturing soaps from home as a kitchen-based adventure. The Camel Soap Factory has subsequently become a great success locally and abroad with its unique and very high-quality camel milk soaps.

Stevi has long been concerned about the accumulation of plastic waste in our rivers and oceans and her vision has been to create simple, natural and effective products with reduced plastic-free packaging. The Covid pandemic forced a major rethink in strategy and Stevi steered the company towards new product ranges which fit in with this vision. The brand has subsequently become Dubai’s premier brand of skincare products made with locally sourced camel milk and other regional ingredients such as frankincense.

One of The Camel Soap Factory’s most recent product releases, The Face Rescue Cream, won the Beautyworld 2021 Natural Product of the Year. Stevi continues on her mission to provide both tourists and loyal customers across the world with unique hand-crafted skincare products that are locally and sustainably manufactured and inspired by regional heritage. In 2021/22 the company was delighted to be appointed to manufacture licenced products for DubaiExpo, whose vision for a sustainable future matched her own.

Prior to the creation of The Camel Soap Factory, Stevi was in the electronic payments industry and worked for a number of very successful start-ups in Europe and the Middle East. After the birth of her daughter in 2005, she decided to take the plunge and start her own business. Stevi has resided in Dubai since 2002 and lives in the UAE with her husband and daughter.

Valerie Kaminov

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Valerie Kaminov

Managing Director, International Luxury Brand Consultancy Ltd.

Trailblazer, entrepreneur, advisor and business strategist are just some of the ways to describe Valérie Kaminov, Founder & Managing Director of International Luxury Brand Consultancy.

Valérie’s enviable reputation in the world of international beauty, stems from her highly

effective approach to developing brands. Her forward-thinking acumen and smart strategies are based on an innate insight into global markets, an ability that has led her to take brands to up-and-coming beauty destinations before others. This deep understanding of the industry, how to position products, where to go, who to speak to and how to get results has made IL Brand Consultancy the go-to company for beauty brands looking to grow their business around the world. Since establishing her influential consultancy, Valérie has successfully steered emerging talents to global recognition, re-established well-known names, advised on growth plans and introduced a host of beauty brands to new distribution channels. Additionally, Valérie Kaminov has successfully graduated and gained invaluable knowledge from prestigious universities and executive programs from HEC Paris, London Business School and INSEAD Business School.

She has been instrumental in the transformation of many businesses around the world and always on the belief that profitable market entry and sustained growth require the right partners. It is why she is regarded as one of the most well-connected people in the industry.

Having been at the forefront of the global cosmetics industry for over 25 years, Valerie’s thought leadership and knowledge have led her to be a regular contributor to Export Magazine, creator of Connect Beauty, host at the IMF Convention, developer of the Cannes Duty Free programme as well as author of the informative market-focused Inside Cosmetics Collection that have become required reading for brands looking at global expansion. From launching brands on the international stage to being a business intelligence resource, Valérie’s rare combination of skills make her an exceptional consultant and advisor.

Valerie Prokhomenko

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Valerie Prokhomenko

Wellness Consultancy

Spa & Wellness strategist with over 20 years experience at the forefront of the industry. Renowned for spearheading innovative Wellness initiatives and overseeing some of the most ambitious projects across Europe, MENA and Asia. Specialising in design, master planning, brand development, and business strategy. A hands-on authority in operational set-up and seamless integration of premium wellness facilities, aqua thermal amenities, and comprehensive health programs. 

Act as board member and specialist affiliate for some of the leading Hospitality Management and Wellness Consultancy firms for MENA region. 

Eiman Kabli

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia - Eiman Kabli

General Manager, Chalhoub Group

Eman Kabli is General Manager - Faces at Chalhoub Group, the partner and creator of luxury experiences in the Middle East. Over than 20 years of experience in distribution and retail – Beauty.

She is responsible for all operations of Faces in Saudi Arabia, including Faces Private Label, driving the business in order to maximize growth while increasing profitability and reducing costs/expenses, building and implementing organizational structures and teams, monitoring team performances and working on people development. Eman heads the development of partnerships through strong collaborations and engagement with both government and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.